Amusement Consulting

Amusement Consulting

We make hosting a carnival or circus simple with our three-step process:

1. Our team exclusively pitches your space or event to the most qualified amusement operators in the country.

2. We negotiate the best terms and rates based on space availability, market rents, sales history, season and industry expertise.

3. We oversee the expectations and experience from setup through teardown to ensure the sucess of every event.

“They did an outstanding job for us. They were professional in all aspects. Their people wore uniforms and kept the parking lot spotless from beginning to end. Good Job……thanks.”

General Manager, Lakeshore Mall

“It was always kept clean, everything ran smoothly and I am very happy with the service and having them onsite to bring entertainment to the Mall.”

Property Manager, Prescott Gateway Mall

“The carnival was amazing and it looked great this year! Look forward to hosting it again soon.”

Director of Business Development, Sugarloaf Mills

“There is never a dull moment at Empire and this last week proved to be just as exciting as the rest! The team at Heart of America Shows were great to work with and we hoped they enjoyed their time here as much as we enjoyed having them.”


Director of Business Development, Empire Mall

“Everything has been removed and the parking lot looks great. We are very pleased with how things went on our end; we love having the carnival here and look forward to next year! Thanks!”


Specialty Leasing Manager, South County Center

“Its is going well. I so appreciate how very helpful you and the staff have been. I even had a compliment from our Cool Car Cruise organizer how extremely helpful and courteous the staff was that were setting up. They went out of their way to help. Our whole team has had nothing but great feedback. I wish you all much success and yes, the weather is beautiful!”


Leasing Manager, Kitsap Mall

“I would recommend this to all our properties. The team are top-notch! I have never seen a carnival this clean. Every morning when I would drive onto the property, I would circle the carnival area looking for trash and there was never any to be found. The layout of the rides and food trailers were spot on. The funnel cake I had was to die for!”


Leasing Manger, Foothills Mall

Amusement Event Hosting FAQs

Amusement events are turnkey in that our operators provide all the insurance, electric, toilets, trash, permits and equipment.

Do I need to provide water for the carnival event?

The amusement operator requires a potable water source at the property. This water is used for food, games and to wash down the equipment as needed.

Do I need to obtain permits to host a carnival event?

City, county and state use permits are always secured for these events by the operator or our office.

Will there be security personnel at the carnival event?

Off-duty police or bonded security is often provided as a requirement by the property owner, sponsor or city.

Is insurance coverage provided for the carnival event?

As per state law, the carnival and circus operators carry a minimum $1,000,000 insurance policy and, in many cases, even more. These policies always add the city, property owner, charity, and festival as additional insured to that policy and hold the same entities harmless.

Who will manage the trash at the carnival event site?

The operator is responsible for all trash clean-up and disposal, which they perform at least twice daily and again at the event’s conclusion.

Are Porta-potties available for guests at the carnival event?

Restroom facilities, including ADA units, are always provided by the amusement operator, including hand washing stations, and regular servicing throughout the event.

How does the carnival equipment's setup and teardown occur?

Setup typically begins on Monday afternoon, with teardown taking place late the following Sunday night after the event closes.

Will there be fencing around the carnival event area?

Some portions of the event may be fenced for safety reasons, to charge admission or as required by the property or municipality.

What fire safety measures are in place at the carnival event?

The local fire department inspects all of the tents, rides and cooking facilities before the event begins. Additionally, all rides and tents are state inspected at least yearly and in many cases at each event.

Is parking available for guests attending the carnival event?

Yes, parking will be available during the event. The operator will coordinate with nearby parking facilities to accommodate attendees’ vehicles.

Is there a first aid station at the carnival event?

The amusement operator typically employs first aid personnel; local fire/rescue will be called if necessary.

How is the event layout designed for a carnival event?

A site plan will be provided with details of the event layout before setup. The operator will thoughtfully plan considering attraction placement, food and beverage areas, seating, and entertainment stages.