The Nation’s Leader in Carnival and Circus Coordination and Management.

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Amusement Consulting

We work on behalf of property owners, retailers and nonprofits to create amusement events that generate millions of dollars annually for our partners.

Our services are always free and we have brokered over 4,000 deals in 15+ years.

“Don’t book a carnival or circus without calling us first!”

Ride Rentals

KevaWorks can find virtually any carnival ride, game or food rental you may need for your party or production. Using our extensive network of carnival operators, we frequently source historical and current amusement equipment that include huge wheels, coasters and thrill rides. In addition, we can procure your size and style of carnival game and food concessions as well.

“From Ferris wheels to roller coasters, we can procure any ride for your corporate picnic, event or film and television production.”

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Current KevaWorks Partners


Tour de Pier

Ride In Place. Move Charity Forward. A unique cancer fundraiser that takes stationary cycling outdoors.

Indio International Tamale Festival

The world’s largest tamale festival that draws over 120,000 people in December. We are responsible for every aspect of this festival from layout, permits, fencing, entertainment , sponsorship, and vendor management.