Enhancing lives through delightful experiences.

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Creating Lifelong Memories

We specialize in creating once in a lifetime experiences through journey and adventure. We partner with experts - athletes, writers, politicians, entertainers - to build memories and educate through travel. The kind of bonding and personal growth achieved through our immersion activities is unparalleled. Let us curate something for your group, whether abroad or at home.  

Amusement (Carnival) Brokering

KevaWorks is known as the Better Business Bureau in the amusement industry and keeps detailed data on over 300 carnival companies nationwide. Our model is simple, we work on behalf of property owners, retailers and nonprofits to broker carnival deals that generate millions of dollars annually for our partners. Our services are always free to you and to date, we have brokered over 3,000 carnival deals alone. Negotiating on your behalf allows us to smartly maximize your income on these events while maintaining a healthy relationship with your tenants, the community and customers you serve.Simply, carnivals done correctly generate revenue for owners, drive traffic to centers and increase tenant sales.

Festival (Creating) Consulting

KevaWorks has been in the festival production, management and consulting industry for over 20 years. Our team of specialists focuses on several event aspects including: initiatives to grow your attendance, solicitation of new sponsors, oversee and manage fence-to-fence logistics, implement new processes to streamline your operations or simply assess the financial stability to see where we can help you be more profitable. For the past 8 years we have managed The Indio  International Tamale Festival in California. The world’s largest tamale festival, this event draws over 120,000 people for two days in December. We are responsible for every aspect of this festival from layout to permits to fencing to entertainment to sponsorship and vendor management. 

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